UKB Press-brake tools

UKB logoCompany SP-Tech, s.r.o. more than 10 years cooperate together with German supplier of press-brake tools, company UKB UKB (Uwe Krumm Burbach). Perfect cooperation between UKB and czech dealer you can see on satisfied purchaser, quality and fast service is priority number one. We are able to offer many benefits, fast delivery standard tools - directly from stock and practicle service and technical support in press-brake tools, by the long time experiences.

By the perfect rear area of the UKB company with their own production (3000 m2) and stock for press-brake tools (2000 m2) in Burbach (Germany), we are ready offer to you the good price in-time. Without quality machines pool we wouldn ´t be able to giving high level service and additional customer service. On the first place is every-time quality and precision, together with fast delivery directly for you and your press-brake machines.

Instead of standards, we are specialist for preduction of special tools. Next we are standard offering huge range accessories (stop bars; supporting tables; angle regulators atc.) Cupboards for stocking your press-brake tools - everytime well arranged in clear conditions.

We are ready to give you the best support in specaial construction, technical data, testing and production for all special press-brake tools. We are offering the special tools, by the customers complete information about profile and machine parameters. Modification of standards tools in angles; radius; making additional grooves on upper and lower tools, changing the clamping parts and many more, due to quality machines in UKB production.

For complete full information about our products you can contact us, or visit directly our supplier web sides, in your native language

In every cases we are ready to give you technical support every-time by the telephone from offices in the Czech Republic (Nymburk), due to qualify staffs. We are looking forward to our both sides happy and satisfied cooperation.